Reviews for flowers delivery in Malta
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We are Still Accepting Orders For Delivery On Fri 19 Jul 2024

T�h�i�s� �g�i�f�t� �b�a�s�k�e�t� �a�r�r�i�v�e�s� �g�o�r�g�e�o�u�s�l�y� �p�a�c�k�a�g�e�d� �a�n�d� �p�i�l�e�d� �h�i�g�h� �w�i�t�h� �t�h�e� �m�o�s�t� �d�e�l�i�c�i�o�u�s�,� �a�w�a�r�d�-�w�i�n�n�i�n�g� �c�h�o�c�o�l�a�t�e�s� �y�o�u� v�e� �e�v�e�r� �t�a�s�t�e�d�.� �I�n�s�i�d�e� �t�h�e�y�'�l�l� �f�i�n�d� �c�h�o�c�o�l�a�t�e� �t�r�u�f�f�l�e�s�,� �d�a�r�k� �c�h�o�c�o�l�a�t�e� �c�o�v�e�r�e�d� �r�a�i�s�i�n�s�,� �c�h�o�c�o�l�a�t�e� �c�o�v�e�r�e�d� �c�h�e�r�r�i�e�s�,� �c�h�o�c�o�l�a�t�e� �s�h�o�r�t�b�r�e�a�d� �c�o�o�k�i�e�s�,� �c�h�o�c�o�l�a�t�e� �p�e�c�a�n� �c�r�u�n�c�h�,� �a� �d�a�r�k� �c�h�o�c�o�l�a�t�e� �s�i�g�n�a�t�u�r�e� �b�a�r�,� �c�h�o�c�o�l�a�t�e� �d�i�p�p�e�d� �B�a�v�a�r�i�a�n� �p�r�e�t�z�e�l�s�,� �c�h�o�c�o�l�a�t�e� �w�a�f�e�r� �s�q�u�a�r�e�s�,� �c�h�o�c�o�l�a�t�e� �c�r�u�n�c�h� �s�h�o�r�t�b�r�e�a�d� �c�o�o�k�i�e�s�,� �d�a�r�k� �c�h�o�c�o�l�a�t�e� �b�u�t�t�e�r� �w�a�f�e�r�s�,� �c�h�o�c�o�l�a�t�e� �a�l�m�o�n�d� �b�u�t�t�e�r� �c�r�u�n�c�h�,� �c�h�o�c�o�l�a�t�e� �c�o�v�e�r�e�d� �t�o�f�f�e�e� �p�e�a�n�u�t�s�,� �a�n�d� �r�a�s�p�b�e�r�r�y� �d�a�r�k� �c�h�o�c�o�l�a�t�e� �s�t�i�c�k�s�.� �(�P�l�e�a�s�e� �N�o�t�e� �T�h�a�t� �W�e� �R�e�s�e�r�v�e� �T�h�e� �R�i�g�h�t� �T�o� �S�u�b�s�t�i�t�u�t�e� �A�n�y� �P�r�o�d�u�c�t� �W�i�t�h� �A� �S�u�i�t�a�b�l�e� �P�r�o�d�u�c�t� �O�f� �E�q�u�a�l� �V�a�l�u�e� �I�n� �C�a�s�e� �O�f� �N�o�n�-�A�v�a�i�l�a�b�i�l�i�t�y� �O�f� �A� �C�e�r�t�a�i�n� �P�r�o�d�u�c�t�)
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This gift basket arrives gorgeously packaged and piled high with the most delicious, award-winning chocolates you ve ever tasted. Inside they'll find chocolate truffles, dark chocolate covered raisins, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate shortbread cookies, chocolate pecan crunch, a dark chocolate signature bar, chocolate dipped Bavarian pretzels, chocolate wafer squares, chocolate crunch shortbread cookies, dark chocolate butter wafers, chocolate almond butter crunch, chocolate covered toffee peanuts, and raspberry dark chocolate sticks. (Please Note That We Reserve The Right To Substitute Any Product With A Suitable Product Of Equal Value In Case Of Non-Availability Of A Certain Product)

US $ 190 
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Thank you for delivering fresh flowers to my Fiance in Malta. You guys are simply the best. I will surely use your services again

Sheikh Mohammed

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